Meet The Beautie:

Krista Sharp, affectionately known as “Kris“, is a Master Makeup Artist and CEO/ Founder of Beat Boxx Beauty LLC. Born in beautiful Orlando, Florida this bilingual Beautie is a natural born leader and goal-getter. Her dominant yet friendly personality can’t help but entice others, allowing her to instantly connect with everyone she meets. Through modern metaphors and creative word play, this Beautie takes makeup education to another level. Kris is widely known for her ability to simplify very complex makeup techniques and turn them into quick & easy steps for anyone to follow. Her passion for education, love for all things beauty and outstanding patience make her the ultimate beauty educator.  

Who we are

Beat Boxx Beauty LLC was created to provide high quality makeup that is not only aesthetically pleasing but an absolute joy to use. Heavily influenced by many genres of music, Beat Boxx Beauty uses visual arts to elevate artistry. Functional, transparent and unbiased Beat Boxx Beauty makes “beats” easy by eliminating many challenges we face in today’s beauty industry. 

Our Vision

The vision for Beat Boxx Beauty LLC is to become a makeup education powerhouse. We want to bridge the gap between makeup enthusiasts and makeup artists. Our ultimate goal is to open an academy where aspiring entrepreneurs, micro influencers and new makeup artist can successfully matriculate into the beauty industry. We want to revolutionize the industry and streamline education to where our Beat Beauties are among the elite.

Our Mission

In order to manifest our vision, we have developed many high quality makeup products. These products make the makeup application process faster and much easier. Our products are uniquely packaged and named in a way so clever, one may not even realize the process of artistry elevation is underway. Everything down to the shade names and position of colors in our palettes are purposeful. Doing so, begins to train the subconscious to be mindful of color theory, brushstroke and color placement.